How to Make Money on eBay
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Dear friend, I have been making a full time income on eBay Marketplace for over 3 years as a Power Seller and Top Rated Seller. I've sold literally tens of thousands of products worldwide which have generated almost 500,000 in turnover revenue to date.

Once I discovered that the 'secret is in the product' it began to sell themselves on auto pilot. I have since been able to replicate and teach my strategies numerous times to help my friends, family and clients achieve the same results.

My Journey began in 2010 in the Health & Beauty Niche selling a popular perfume. I sold each bottle for 25 and was making 15 and sold an average of 30 items per day. After fees, postage, refunds and administration I was clearing 450 per day. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Competition meant other sellers lowered the price until the profits became diluted.

I then moved into selling electronics selling Mobile Phones and Gadget Phone Watches which I was selling for 50. I sold an average of 40 items per day, bringing in income of over 1200 per day. Although the profit was good it attracted unscrupulous buyers wanting technical support or demanding replacements outside of warranty etc. The admin side was getting in the way of the business.

After dibbling and dabbling with many other products, I finally settled in the security niche where I made the bulk of my fortune. This experience helped me refine a strategy in a way which I could almost guarantee profits. I call this "money on tap". I put together a process that positioned myself above all the other listings on eBay's first page by effectively manipulate the "Best Match" algorithm.

Thanks to my years of experience selling on eBay I have formulated the perfect strategy and have escaped the RAT RACE. I'm self and in complete control of my destiny. No more waking up at 5 AM to start work, I now have the flexibility to work whilst on vacation. Imagine making money passively with items selling 24-7 whilst you sleep!

I'm not going to lie, it was long and hard road, but with my strategy, my mentoring and your determination I can teach you how!

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✔ The advantages of selling clothing and taking advantage of current fashion trends
✔ The advantages of specialising in specific festive fashion niches
✔ The importance of selling clothing where price isn't the determining purchase factor
✔ The pitfalls of selling clothing and how to protect to best yourself
✔ The pitfalls of wholesaling apparel from China
✔ The downside to selling jewellery on easy
✔ Become educated on which types of jewellery are prone to dispute cases
✔ The upside to selling jewellery on ebay
✔ Explanation of the best types of jewellery to sell and why
✔ The expectation for longer warranties
✔ The benefits of selling to middle and upper class buyers
✔ Example of items which attract middle and upper class buyers
✔ Why you should avoid selling heavy, bulky and fragile items
✔ How to turn novelty and festive themed items into hard cash!
✔ Why festive seasons allow you to charge higher prices for shipping
✔ Why you shouldn't compete with Chinese and Hong Kong sellers on prices
✔ Discover how selling your items as job lot could save you money and time!
✔ Discover why too much competition on ebay can prevent your items selling
✔ learn to identify a satiated product niche and avoid
✔ Why you shouldn't compete with Chinese and Hong Kong sellers on prices
✔ learn why your position in search results is important
✔ learn how to improve the position of your search results
✔ Discover why perceived value dictates the items selling price
✔ Learn how to market your product to emphasise it's perceived value
✔ Step by step demonstration on how to find a niche category
✔ Step by step demonstration on how to find a niche product that sells
✔ Step by step demonstration on how to determine whether the product will sell!
✔ Step by step demonstration on where to find your wholesale supplier

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